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    For those of you not already familiar with The Right Lead and it's Internet counterpart, The Right Lead On Line, this is a reader-to-reader based advice and support column. Each month you'll find questions, answers, tips, and suggestions from horse people, not only from the Southwestern United States, but from around the world. This site is for everyone! Seasoned professionals, dedicated amateurs, competitors and backyard owners. All disciplines are welcome, too! Dressage, Reining, Pleasure, Barrel Racing, Hunter/Jumper, Competitive Trail, Calf Roping, Team Roping, Team Penning, or just "horse'n around!"  If your favorite horse publication does not carry The Right Lead then please get in touch with the publisher and ask that they contact us.
    Any horse related question is welcome and no subject is off limits. If you have a question, or can answer one, concerning ANY area of horse life, from breeding and bloodlines, barn & time management, equine and/or rider health issues, suitability, training issues, saddle fit, etc., submit it. I guarantee you someone somewhere has already dealt with it and can offer suggestions based on his/her own experience. It's been said that "...experience is the best teacher..." and I believe shared knowledge benefits us all.
    Submitting to The Right Lead is simple. You can go to the main page and click on Q & A to submit it on line, or send it to me by e-mail.  Along with your questions and answers, we'd also like to know what your favorite horse related websites are, which books you've found beneficial (or not!) if you've found a great product being offered for free, or a tip that's worked for you and you'd like to pass along. If your post is used in the printed column, your submission's content will not be edited, but misspelled words and simple grammatical errors will be unless you indicate you do not want it changed, also because it is a printed column, space may be an issue so a reply may need to be abbreviated. Should that occur, you will be contacted before it goes to press and if you are not comfortable with the change, your submission will not be used in the column. Both the printed and on-line columns are copyrighted.


Everyone is encouraged to participate and please remember the suggestions and tips should be used with common sense. Consult with your Veterinarian before using any of the medical information passed along. You don't have to give your full name, but we would like to know where you're posting from. You may choose to remain anonymous, give a partial name (see example below), or give your full name and credentials as well as the barn/ranch/farm/training facility you represent, it's up to you. This board does have one tiny little quirk, it does not recognize punctuation marks in the name field, i.e., periods, commas, ampersands (&), etc. When you post (for the name field only) enter your personal information as follows: Joy B from Buda Texas, or Joy B of Hope n Dreams Quarter Horses in Buda Texas.

NOTE: While product reviews are encouraged, please no commercial advertisements or classifieds on the Q & A message board. Thanks!

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