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Welcome to THE RIGHT LEAD ON LINE! This is the Internet companion to the monthly magazine column, THE RIGHT LEAD. This is primarily a Q & A web site in which horse people can ask questions as well as give answers, tips, suggestions, and share their favorite web sites.

We heard your suggetions! The re-decoration is now complete! Click on "Archives" to find the monthly columns August 1998 through April - December 2002. We're joing Best of Horses as well, check out their link below!

The Right Lead is more than a Q & A site! We have a rather unique search engine designed to help you quickly find information on just about any subject relating to equine matters. It is unique in that you will have, in addition to your answer, a reference to every question and reply on that particular subject. In a word, the search engine is "Subject Specific."  

  29 Oct 2006

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This site opened 21 January 2001

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